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Commonly asked questions

  1. Are estimates free and how long do they take?
  2. Do I have to be there for the estimate and installation?
  3. Once I give the go ahead how long does it take?
  4. How do I know where the pool fence should go?
  5. Do I need auto-closer gates with auto closer latches?
  6. Can pool fence be installed in the ground or landscape?
  7. How and when do I pay?

  1. Yes all estimates are free. We can usually get to an estimate within a day or two.  The estimates take approximately  20min.

  2. While it is better if we can meet someone at the job site to go over which options would be best for you, it is not necessary. You can leave or e-mail us a drawing or we can stop out and figure out one or two options that might work best for you.  On the install again we prefer someone is there to conform the layout and confirm where the best placement for the openings and laybacks (extra hole to set opened fence in), but we can go by the drawing we have.

  3. We usually average one week out from the time of go ahead, but let us know if you need something sooner and we will do what we can. We do understand that you are trying to keep your children and grandchildren save.

  4. It is usually best to enclose the pool as much as possible, keeping all windows and doors outside the pool area. Most pools already have alarms on the doors and windows if it is an existing pool unfortunately people tend to disconnect them. If alarms are working it really depends on how the area is used, if use your lanai lot,have pets that need to go in and out, or go into you backyard frequently we would recommend wrapping the pool. If its a grandparent home and grandchildren not there often or you don't use your lanai must you can get by with a straighter line closer to the house.

  5. There are natural opening in Lifeguards pool fence every 15' and we will put extra openings in areas used more frequently; by steps, jacuzzi, sunning lounging areas, and grill. Auto-closer are useful if you are going in and out frequently, like letting a pet in and out,  or if you have older children that may use area frequently and younger children at home also.

  6. Yes sometimes there is no alternative and we will need to run fence though landscaping or lawn area, but if possible we prefer to drill through a solid surface.

  7. We accept checks, credit cards, and cash. Payment is due upon the completion of job.