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Lifeguard Pool Fence offers a removable mesh pool fence designed specifically to protect toddlers and young children.  Pool fence comes in 15' sections to provide easy removal and re-installation by home owner.  



    Lifeguard Pool Fence is constructed with textilene polyester mesh fabric utilizing a mildew resident polyvinyl coating that provides years of use in direct sunlight.  It's woven with a continuous basket weave with an incredible tensile strength of 270lbs per square inch. The mesh comes in black, brown, white, beige, and green.  Standard height is 4', but you can also get 5' height.




    Lifeguard Pool Fence poles are quad-x core reinforced aluminum and reinforced with aluminum cove molding strips attached to the length of the pole.  These poles are considered strongest in its class.  Each pole is powder coated to prevent scratches and peeling.

Spring Latch                                                                            

    The spring latch connects sections together and have a spring lever that has to be pulled back in order to release latch, also has a loop on one end that can be padlocked for extra safety if needed.  Made of stainless steel to prevent rust, corrosion, or deterioration.  These spring latches are also used for openings, areas that you can open to easily access the pool when in use. 

Sleeves and Caps

    Non-Conductive PVC deck sleeves go into the holes that are drilled into your deck to hold the poles of your pool safety fence. There dimensions are outside 1 1/8" by 4" in length.  They come with PVC caps to cover holes when your pool fence is not in use. Colors are beige, white, and grey.


Self-Closing Self Latching Gates                     

    Self-Closing Self Latching gates is made of a four sided aluminum frame with square aluminum frame supports on each side, for a sturdy reliable opening which automatically closes after each use.  The latch is called a magna-latch.  The magna-latch is a pull top magnetic latch that was manufactured specially with pool safety in mind and is lockable and comes with two keys.  Self-Closing Self-Latching gates are recommended when you have to open many times or maybe you have older children (10-18) and infants or toddlers living in the home or using the lanai pool area frequently.  



    Lifeguard Pool Fence offers a lifetime warranty on every part of the pool fence against any manufacture's defects.Warranty also includes pole breakage and damage under normal use as long as you own it.